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How Do You Know Your Business Needs A New Server?

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As businesses grow, their hardware and software needs also change. With scaling up, there is a greater need to streamline business operations, facilitate collaboration, and ensure data security. A dependable server can help you check all the boxes efficiently.

Here’s when you need to upgrade your business to a new server:

Your business is growing.

When businesses start, they usually rely on two to three employees. At this stage, managing the computers, IT networks, and data is relatively simple. All it takes to protect the software updates is a simple antivirus installation. Similarly, if you need to pass on some information, just get a USB and share it forward. Even your presentations comprise a few files. However, when the same business expands to nine or ten employees, the same tasks become extra challenging and time-consuming. Once you’ve set the new server on automated updates, there isn’t much you need to do. It’ll automatically manage a large fleet of computers and push software updated on each of them, as and when they happen.

Physical data archives.

You need faster access to data.

If your business relies on a lot of video and audio data and you feel like the processes are slowing down, you might need a new server. Video files are a very data-consuming digital asset, primarily if they’ve been shot in 4K. If your server is slowing down, it clearly means it’s unable to handle big files. A new dedicated server can be upgraded with your required specifications to facilitate faster data transfer between the server and your laptops/desktops.

You don’t have a backup plan.

Most small businesses don’t really have a dedicated backup plan. This isn’t a great habit. Not backing up your data routinely will put you at risk of losing valuable data. If you lose the data, your staff needs to sit idle while you make attempts to recover the machine. There is an additional opportunity cost associated with this lag. Even if you’ve instructed your staff on how to back up to the cloud using a hard drive, they might not be able to do so quickly. With a dedicated server, all the updates take place automatically, giving you extra peace of mind. It also reduces the costs associated with out-of-commission machine backup.

Axis Business Technologies has the answers to all of your data backup-related woes. Get in touch for smart software and hardware solutions if you’re based in Colorado Springs.

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