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All-in-One Copiers Explained in Detail

A person using an all-in-one-copier in the office

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An all-in-one copier, also referred to as an all-in-one printer, is a device that performs various functions that are required in an office setting. These devices provide centralized management of documents and have multiple other benefits, like cost-saving, time management, space-saving, etc.

The cost of all-in-one copiers varies based on their features. The copiers are categorized according to ppm (pages per minute), indicating how many pages they can print, scan or copy in a minute. Let’s take a detailed look at the all-in-one copier in this blog.

Functions of an All-in-One- Copier

An all-in-one copier is a multi-purpose device designed for commercial use. It has multiple functions. The common functions of most all-in-one copiers include:

Other Features of an All-in-One Copier

All in-One copiers usually come in 3 different sizes:

Small Office or Home Units

These copiers are relatively small and usually have three or four basic functions, like copying, printing, scanning, and more. They are ideal for use in homes or small offices.

Office Units

Office units are designed for mid-sized offices and are larger than home units. These devices have most of the features listed above since these are critical for commercial usage.

Production Units

Production units are the largest copiers and are built for mass usage, like mass printing brochures, scanning documents, and more.

A home-size all-in-one copier

Benefits of All-in-One Copiers

Using all-in-one copiers has plenty of benefits.

They Save Costs

Businesses don’t need to buy separate devices for printing, scanning, copying, and other functions. All-in-one copiers have all the necessary functions in a single device, saving businesses money.

They Require Less Space

Offices need plenty of space to keep printers, scanners, copiers, fax machines, and other essential devices. All-in-one copiers take considerably less space because all functions are incorporated into a single device.

They’re Easy to Maintain

It’s easier to maintain a single all-in-one copier than multiple other devices. It also takes less time to clean or fix it if there’s an issue.

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