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Software as a Service Explained

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SaaS, short for Software as a Service, is a model where cloud service providers host applications by contracting independent software vendors (ISV) and offer them to their clients over the internet. The cloud service provider’s client is the end user of this software.

SaaS has seen significant growth over the last few years. It’s a part of cloud computing, which has three categories: SaaS, PaaS (Platform as a Service), and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). IaaS and PaaS are B2B models, while SaaS is B2C because it provides easy accessibility of applications to IT professionals, personal users, and business users. Let’s take a detailed look at SaaS in this blog.

How Does SaaS Work?

SaaS gives users quick access to programs and tools they otherwise would have to install and update themselves. Using this approach, an ISV’s applications are hosted by a cloud service using resources such as servers, databases, and networking hardware. Large corporations like Google and Microsoft host their software in the cloud, eliminating the need for other cloud service providers.

Since they’re accessed through a webpage, users need an internet connection to access these types of software. By doing this, individuals and businesses can avoid the time-consuming pain of complex software installation, updates, integration, training, and other necessary procedures that usually take time.

SaaS service providers charge a minimal monthly fee for their services.

Benefits of SaaS

There are plenty of benefits of SaaS. These include:

Reduced Costs

Businesses no longer need to buy software to use it. All they have to do is pay a monthly fee to use the software. Once they don’t need that software or are planning to shift to another software, they can cancel the subscription.

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On-Demand Usage

When buying software, businesses usually have to pay for all the services, even the ones they don’t require. SaaS allows businesses to only pay for the service they want.

Auto Updates

Cloud service providers and ISV keep updating the software regularly and keep up with the latest version, so businesses don’t have to worry about the software being outdated.


When a business buys an application and installs it, it only works on the system it’s installed on. SaaS applications don’t need a specific system; they can run on mobile phones, laptops, tablets, computers, etc.

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