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Technology & AV Solutions For Higher Education

Technology can be utilized to enhance education, boost learning and retention, and engage a variety of learning capabilities by combining audio, visual, and kinesthetic learning.

In addition to optimizing learning, the right computers, software, hardware, and network solutions create multiple efficiencies for both students and teachers.

Beyond their personal laptops and mobile devices university students deserve secure and streamlined systems that help them learn, access their digital resources, and complete their homework with ease. This means you must invest in educational technology and AV solutions designed for the unique needs of higher education.

Audio visual technology can be used to create powerful lesson plans, student presentations, signage, interactive displays, marketing materials, and much more.


Intro To Technology For Higher Education

There is a growing sector within technology called EdTech centered around gadgets, accessories, apps, and software designed specifically for the education industry. This includes solutions designed specifically for enhanced learning, engaging students, and keeping your campus connected.

The team at Axis Business Solutions will keep you apprised of the latest EdTech advances and how they can streamline workflow and optimize learning.

Remain competitive by keeping your university at the cutting edge of innovation.

Computers & Mobile Devices For Higher Education

Your university or vocational school requires durable computers and mobile devices to keep your students, professors, and staff connected. From your professor’s workstations to the needs of your administrative team members, athletic departments, library computers and even your campus security.

Axis Business Technologies will help you determine the best computers required to meet your needs. This includes creating a secure network that your staff and students can access on their personal mobile devices.

Combined with our ongoing support we will keep your computers secure, fast, backed up—and will upgrade your workstations as needed.


All-In-One Printers For Higher Education

Copy, print, fax, and scan. Modern copiers have access-only software to ensure that no one can print sensitive student or university information without the proper access controls. This includes the ability to scan and electronically save research resources in the library.

We offer a wide range of B/W and Color digital systems to include high speed production digital systems. We have many options for financing, leasing, buy or rent. This includes printers with advanced technology required for your marketing team and the art and design departments.

Audio Visual For Higher Education

Audio visual equipment plays a key roll in EdTech for your university or vocational school. From advanced LCD and LED screens to projectors, and AV solutions designed to deliver head-turning classroom presentations.

In addition to elevating lesson plans AV equipment can be used for board room presentations, teacher training, university recruiting, campus signage, interactive campus directories, appointment scheduling and check-in, and more.

We’ll help you determine the right AV technology to wow your students and staff.