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Axis Becomes Samsung LYNK™ Reach 4.0 Integrator

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Samsung Lynk Reach 4.0 on UHD Samsung Hospitality Display

Axis Business Technologies is excited to announce that they have become a certified integrator of Samsung’s LYNK™ REACH (Remote Enhanced Active Control for Hospitality) 4.0 platform.

Regardless of your type of property, regardless of your infrastructure, today’s hospitality consumers expect a differentiated, luxurious experience that offers the same comfort and convenience they enjoy at home. Samsung’s LYNK™   REACH (Remote Enhanced Active Control for Hospitality) 4.0 display management solution enables hoteliers to provide a personalized environment that delivers that experience, while simultaneously improving their own operational efficiency. 

The fully integrated LYNK™ REACH 4.0 system grants hotel managers visibility into and control of hundreds of on-site displays through a central remote server and elevates these displays into all-in-one hubs for personalized content, application, and channel access. Additionally, LYNK™ REACH 4.0 accommodates any new or existing hospitality communication infrastructure, including coax, LAN and Wi-Fi, to drive faster and easier implementation. 

By promoting effective two-way communication and eliminating laborious maintenance tasks, LYNK™ REACH 4.0 enables hotels to enhance guest stays at a reduced cost. Centralized Content Management LYNK™ REACH 4.0 lets you manage in-room content from a single location. Create and share tailored content across single screens or screen blocks. 

Please contact Axis Business Technologies to learn more!

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