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4 Reasons Your IT Department Needs Print Management Software

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Managing your company’s printing supplies can be quite stressful and time-consuming. Print management software streamlines your business’s printing processes, drastically reducing printing costs and giving you more time to focus on your core business, as opposed to printer fleet.

Studies show that the print management market is predicted to amount to US$ 1,471.6 million by 2027.

Print management software gives you complete visibility over your print environment, allowing you to remotely analyze and control your print devices and print output.

Additionally, dedicated print management software and printing strategies make organizations more productive and cost-efficient and increase document security.

Still not convinced? Let’s look at some other ways in which you can benefit from print management software solutions:

1.     Day-To-Day Management of Printing Needs

Print management software provides you with much-needed oversight over your print environment. Software like Papercut and MyQ automate the print queue control, ensuring projects keep moving. The software also sends alerts for troubleshooting, updates, and maintenance needs.

What’s more, the software keeps you informed about depleting printing supplies, thereby saving valuable time and effort.

2.     Tracking and Analysis

Your print management software keeps you informed about the department’s expenditure and the volume of prints produced. This allows you to make informed decisions in terms of allocating devices to certain departments or quoting printing costs to clients.

With print management software, you have a clear picture of what your processes and costs look like. You can audit devices, assess print volumes, and make changes for optimal workflows and queues.

3.     Improve Company Scalability

Printing needs can become overwhelming when companies acquire new offices because this means setting up new servers and networking printers. All of this becomes easier with good print management software.

With minimal hassle, your IT department can automate operational level tasks, such as networking printers, maintaining print servers, supporting users, and updating printer drivers using print management software.

4.     Improved Security

Security breaches are an ongoing concern when it comes to printing. There are always situations where employees report seeing sensitive data, such as salary information or confidential correspondence on documents lying around in print trays. Studies show that 60% of companies have lost data due to printer security. With print management software’s Print Release capabilities, you can ensure sensitive documents aren’t released prematurely. Plus, some software solutions even offer access-only and encrypted printing capabilities.

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Axis Business Technologies works with you to determine the print management solution that will best meet your needs and minimize unnecessary printing costs.

Reach out to us to find out how you can reduce printing wait times by routing print jobs to available print devices via cloud-based print management solutions.

We also offer imaging products, including commercial color printers, all-in-one copiers, color laser printers, etc. Call our toll free number 1.866.390.3956 for more information.

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