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3 Ways Your Business Can Reduce Printing Costs

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Printing expenses are often ignored by companies, which can affect their bottom line. Failing to track these costs is a big mistake that can add unnecessary expense to administrative costs. A penny saved is a penny earned, and paying attention to your printing expense can help your company save a lot (read: thousands) of pennies, resulting in significant savings. Here are some ways your business can reduce printing costs:

Digitize Your Business Operations

Implement a digital file system to minimize printing costs. Reducing your paper footprint will help your company become greener and cut down on the printing costs. Choose a customizable and secure document management software solution for your company to optimize and streamline document processing. Digitizing your business operations will also help maximize productivity as you can access the files you need within seconds.

Use hard copies for important documents only.

Use Print Management Software

Using print management software will make printing faster and reduce the risk of unnecessary printing. Modern software can assess the print volume and maintain user logs. It will allow you to track your cost-per-print to help you manage your printing expense. The software will encourage employees to print only the essential documents and reduce personal prints, resulting in unnecessary printing costs.

Buy Multi-function Printing Device

Investing in a new, multi-function printing device can pay you dividends in the long run. These devices come with advanced capabilities that can help reduce printing costs. For instance, the scan to email function allows you to scan a document and email it directly to the receiver. Furthermore, these printers offer numerous features, like advanced user authentication, data encryption, sleep mode, and more.

Managed Print Services

Partner with a managed print services (MPS) provider to maximize operational efficiency and minimize printing costs. It will help you focus on core business functions as the MPS provider will handle all your printing needs, ranging from the software to hardware and printing supplies. Choose a company that takes a comprehensive approach to MPS to deliver flexible, modular service to meet your specific business needs.

Axis Business Technologies provides commercial color printers and reliable managed print services in Colorado Springs at competitive rates. Our professionals can help determine effective printing solutions for your business. Furthermore, we offer print management software and document management solutions to help streamline business operations. Call 1.866.390.3956 or visit our website to get started.

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