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According to the latest statistics, a 4% growth in the global technology industry is expected from last year, which will be up to 5 trillion this year. The growth in the field is largely being fueled by functioning IT management.

Mistakes made while managing a company are a part of the process. However, it’s important that managers learn from them. But when you’re in charge of a company’s IT technology, the risk of making mistakes is higher and the consequences are much worse.

So, this post will take a look at some of the most common IT management mistakes with suggestions on how to avoid them:

Poor Security

Security logo on a computer screen

Poor security is one of the aspects of a company with inefficient IT management.  Security breaches are the most damaging aspect and four major companies were affected in June 2021 alone by security violation. Therefore, lesson for other businesses is to have strict password policies and strong security system. To avoid this mistake, businesses should use antivirus programs, secure networks, and by giving limited access to employees.

Using Outdated Technology

New updates are released regularly which means that working with outdated technology can become a barrier on the road to success. According to Forbes, outdated technology is a waste of time in the digital world which is why using old technology shouldn’t an option. Businesses should evaluate their technology needs and make necessary upgrades as soon as possible.

Using Cloud as an Extension of Data Center

Another mistake that IT management makes is treating cloud as an extension of data center. However the stability of a cloud server is less than that of a managed server. Companies should have managed and stable servers to secure the company’s data.

Data Recovery in servers

Hiring Incompetent Employees

Competent employees build a successful company. But when the team is incompetent, things could go wrong as they won’t be able to provide the services needed. The hiring management should set the bar to test if a candidate has sufficient knowledge and expertise to assist the company.

Poor Communication with IT Team

Poor communication can create gaps between the management and employees. To avoid this problem, engage with your IT team to inform them about the main goals and tasks. Furthermore, educate them about the company’s standard and expectations. If the IT team is well-informed they will work efficiently.

Since not all IT management mistakes are avoidable, at some point you will need an IT service provider that can help and understand your company’s needs.

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