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What is a Firewall, and Do I Need One?

An illustration of a firewall
Many people have no idea what a firewall is and why they need it even though they use it daily. Here is a complete guide explaining firewall

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What Is A Firewall?

Firewalls are systems that monitor and block access to private network computers from the Internet. Firewalls have been the primary line of defense for network security for more than two decades. Using this technology, they create a protective barrier between trusted internal networks and potentially dangerous public networks like the Internet.

There are two types of firewalls: software and hardware. While a software firewall is installed on each computer, a physical firewall is a type of hardware positioned between the system and gateway to manage traffic.

Why Is It Important?

As your business adapts to a constantly evolving digital world, it is important to understand the advantages of firewall security. Even if your organization depends on systems and applications for only a small percentage of its operations, preventive measures to keep things secure should still be taken.

1.     Network Monitoring for Threats

A firewall’s primary duty is to keep tabs on the traffic traveling through the network. Packets are used to transport all kinds of data across a network. All of these packets are inspected by the firewall for potential harmful threats. When a firewall is alerted to their presence, it will block them instantly.

2.     Gives You Control Over What Can Be Searched

Controlling what your employees can and cannot access is made easier by using a firewall. Many internet websites are infected with malware. Therefore, organizations can boost efficiency and production by removing them from their networks. Using IP addresses, a firewall can prohibit access to an unauthorized website provided content filtering is activated.

You may have seen this while exploring the Internet, where a website is labeled “unsafe to access” for whatever reason.

Cybersecurity threat alerts

3.     Keeps Unwanted Visitors Out

Cybercriminals are continuously on the prowl for computers to infiltrate and use for their illicit reasons. When the hackers identify such machines, they will begin to engage in even more harmful actions, such as distributing viruses. Even if hackers aren’t after your open internet connection, you never know who else might be on the lookout. Firewall security is a smart strategy to prevent such attacks.

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