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New Microsoft Teams: What’s in it for Small Businesses

Enhanced Team Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams is an essential component of Microsoft 365. It’s a cloud-based software designed to enable collaborative teamwork in hybrid or on-site teams. Main features of this software include communication platforms, team creation and management, online meetings, documents management, scheduling, and integration of multiple apps for improved team functionality.

Microsoft Teams brings a whole set of benefits to small businesses and allows them to grow and manage their business with more control and better communication. Here are some major benefits of Microsoft Teams for small businesses:

Increased Communication

Microsoft Team offers an all-encompassing digital platform to promote multiple mediums of communication. Video conferencing, instant messaging, conference calls, and internet calls on computers and mobile devices—all are available inside a single program. In fact, communication among team members within and outside company premises is the main objective of Microsoft Teams.


Microsoft Teams is extremely flexible with the number of application users. One software license can support up to 300 users at a time. Adding new users is inexpensive, and it is easy to scale your business up or down with changes in team size.

Integration with Other Processes

One of the most notable qualities of Microsoft Teams is its ability to seamlessly integrate with other business processes and applications the organization is already using. This allows users to slowly and easily adapt to changes that Microsoft Teams has brought to the business operations. This feature also increases productivity as data from other processes can be shared and used in Microsoft teams.

Microsoft Team Integrated with Other Microsoft Apps

Embedded Security

Small businesses don’t need to put additional costs for securing their data on the cloud anymore. Microsoft Teams is a secure cloud-based software with built-in encryption and data security mechanisms.

Empowers Remote Teams

Managing teams in a hybrid environment becomes difficult with conventional communication techniques. Microsoft Teams, with its all-out communication and data sharing facilities on a single platform, empowers remote teams with 24/7 data accessibility and collaboration with other team members around the world.

User-Friendly Interface

The most difficult aspect of introducing a new system in an organization is getting the staff to adapt to it. A complex user interface becomes a huge hindrance in digital transformation. The biggest benefit of Microsoft Teams is its easy-to-use interface which resembles the all-time-hit Microsoft office suite. It all comes down to simple clicks to manage your entire work and communicate with team members.

Developer Platform

Microsoft Teams allows customization of the application using the Team Developer platform. This functionality enables developers to embed functionality of multiple business processes and application within Microsoft Teams to enhance business functionality and meet business requirements.


Microsoft Teams has far-reaching benefits for all types of small businesses, particularly the ones with specialized teams for specific business operations. Increased team communication and efficient information sharing have made Microsoft Teams a top priority for most small businesses across the globe.

Axis Business Technologies offers customization of this amazing application according to the needs of businesses in Colorado Springs. Our SaaS services ensure that your business uses the perfectly customized version of Microsoft Teams. We also offer cloud print management systems and Colorado Springs document management to businesses in an effort to bring increased control and maximum simplicity to your digital business operations.

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