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Methods to Protect Your Business Data

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The year 2020 did bring havoc for businesses. Several instances of data break and hacking were reported during the year. This year, especially during the second quarter, a sharp rise in data breaches was observed. Around 52 million data breaches were reported only in the second quarter.

Implement the following ways at your workplace to ensure your data is safe from breaches.

Create Strong Secure Passwords

As per a recent report, only 5% of stolen passwords were strong or excellent. A strong password is your first line of defense against unauthorized access to your computer. The stronger your server passwords, the more protected your data is. Never save your passwords on computer devices when dealing with confidential or critical documents.

Thoroughly Scan Software Before Use

Some software aren’t as secure as others. They come with security loopholes. Scan software you use for vulnerabilities like security flaws, glitches, or weaknesses in one or more software codes. Look for security flaws in all software you install at work. The vulnerability scanner for Microsoft’s business management solutions is called Baseline Security Analyzer.

Monitor All Your Office Wi-Fi Connections

An open Wi-Fi connection means unknown devices can connect to your office’s central hub. Secure your Wi-Fi connection with a strong password. Moreover, you can ask your IT team to run device checks now and then to prevent unknown devices from setting up connections.

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Integrate Microsoft SaaS Solutions in Your Business

All employees that have access to cloud-based files can access business documents anywhere. Install the Exchanger by Microsoft 365 to remotely wipe devices for data protection.

Incorporate E-Fax for Secure File Sharing

Businesses operating via the hybrid model need secure file-sharing options. For critical documents, email may not be a very secure channel. Recent statistics for email hacking show that phishing attacks were responsible for around 95% of espionage attacks on small and large corporations. Switch to e-Faxing to stop file-sharing through emails.

Unified communications technology like GoldFax secures your faxed documents through highly secure code-by-code encryption. The product has 100% uptime and offers maximum security for confidential documents.

Device Locks

There are times when employees don’t log out of their devices at work. This is why device locks and screen locks are important. Simply logging out of devices can thwart major acts of cyber espionage. Make sure all your company screens and devices lock themselves after a short time. Ensure the workplace observes strong IT practices for better data encryption. Secure your online communication channels from hackers.

Data Recovery Solutions for Small Businesses

Install effective backup tools to prepare for malware or cyber-attacks. At Axis Business Technologies, our teams work with businesses to help them integrate effective data recovery solutions. We also offer print management and document management software solutions to small businesses in Southern Colorado. For information and details, call us at 719-630-8600

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