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Interactive Displays: Enhancing Collaboration and Engagement in the Classroom

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Nowadays, education institutes are investing in interactive displays like innovative projectors and SMART Boards to improve the teaching process. A Smart Technologies study has proven that the use of interactive displays and collaborative technologies could improve the success rate of students by 3.4%. In simpler words, interactive displays have changed everything from the way teachers teach to the way students learn and how the classroom interacts. This article will teach you four ways that the use of interactive displays enhances engagement and collaboration in classrooms.

1. Learning Apps and Education Software

An interactive display is equipped with several learning apps and dynamic classroom software. It makes it easier for teachers to create interactive lessons that include side presentations, videos, images, physical stimulators, games, and multiple questions. This helps unlock the creativity of students, teaches them how to think outside the box, improves collaboration, and gets them excited to learn something new.

2. Conductive to the STEM Curriculum

According to research, educational institutes that have replaced the standard methods of learning with interactive displays have students who are more likely to attain a higher degree in technology, mathematics, science, and engineering with good grades. The Promethean World identified collaborative learning and STEM as the top learning priorities by 43 % and 57%, respectively. With robust digital tools, the use of interactive displays makes the incorporation of the STEM curriculum easier for schools. Students and teachers can leverage the features of interactive displays to improve collaboration and create a fun learning environment.

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3. Social Learning through Collaborative Teaching

Several studies and experiments have proved that interactive activities in a classroom, supported by technology, improve the development of socio-emotional skills in students. Having interactive displays in a classroom will significantly increase engagement during discussions and boost the level of self-confidence in students. For example, multi-touch capabilities allow students to edit and experience on-screen content as the other team members brainstorm. This makes it easier for them to interact with one another and gives them the confidence to share their thoughts and ideas.

4. Share Work with Screen Mirroring

As the education system adapts technology, schools are now permitting students to bring laptops, iPads, and tabs to classrooms. Interactive displays make it easier for teachers to share (also known as cast) content and images on the students’ devices. This improves the overall learning process and ensures the participation of everyone in the classroom.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are an administrator, a school teacher, or a private tutor, there are several reasons to incorporate interactive displays in your classroom. Unlike the traditional mode and method of teaching, interactive displays are versatile, engaging, easy to use, and help students learn in a fun way. So, if you are looking for a way to improve the overall education system of your school, interactive display is the way to go.

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