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Top 4 Benefits of Moving to a VoIP Telephone System

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Reliable communications systems are the foundation on which efficient and effective businesses operate. Advances in communication technology have led to the development of VoIP systems that relies on the internet. A VoIP system can quickly integrate with your existing communication system and offer several advantages to your business. In fact, reports show that 93% of VoIP customers experience at least one benefit after deployment. Here are four benefits of transitioning to a VoIP telephone system.

Reduction in Telephone Bills

Traditional telephone systems rely on landlines that incur much higher costs than VoIP as it relies on internet-based call connections. If your business has multiple phone lines for departmental communication and customer service on a traditional landline system, costs can add to high telephone bills. According to VoIP statistics, businesses see 90% savings on international calls, 75% savings on operational calls, 40% savings on local call bills, and 30% savings on phone bills. Simultaneously, business experience 25% more profit due to increased staff productivity with VoIP systems.

Increase in Staff Productivity

Workplace productivity is one of the top motivators for businesses to adopt VoIP systems and understandably so as over 90% of businesses see productivity boosts soon after deployment. With VoIP systems, employees experience efficiency in task completion, speed of issue resolution, multi-tasking and development of interpersonal relationships. It’s estimated that transitioning to VoIP systems can save you half an hour of call minutes each day, allowing you to have more time to do other essential tasks.

Remote Internal Communication With Staff

Remote work has become the new norm, and business needs to have a business continuity plan to continue operating from remote locations. Over 50% of businesses admit that VoIP solutions have allowed them to perform work remotely. VoIP telephone systems offer a great benefit to remote workers to communicate and collaborate on projects via conference calls without any inconsistencies. This opens a whole new opportunity for globalization as businesses can work with talents across the world.

Better Customer Service

Great customer service is essential in an era where e-commerce is mainstream and potential or existing customers need instant replies from companies. In fact, 60% of customers prefer calling business over email. Research by Nextiva revealed that 83% of businesses lost a customer, missed project deadline or ended and worker agreement due to communication issues. VoIP systems are jam-packed with features like international calling, call queuing and forwarding that allow customers to reach the right department and get their queries answered.

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