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4 Ways You Can Pandemic Proof Your Business Operations Now

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The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the global economy and plunged many businesses into bankruptcy. Nearly 100,000 businesses have shut down permanently as they were unable to survive the crisis. On the bright side, technology is enabling many businesses to continue operating amid the ongoing pandemic while keeping employees and customers safe. These four IT solutions can pandemic-proof your business.

Cloud Document Management Software

The workplace culture has changed as we know it as businesses are adapting to the remote workplace via virtual platforms. Nearly 70% of full-time employees are working from home during the pandemic and thus, the need for reliable cloud-based document management software arises. Our document management software will allow your staff to access and collaborate on projects remotely. We also work with reputable SaaS providers like Microsoft and Google to deliver seamless integration between cloud-computing and remote business operations.

Data Backup Systems

Many businesses are digitizing their paper documents and storing them on physical and virtual servers for space and cost-saving benefits and allow stakeholders to access them remotely. However, 60% of data backups are incomplete, which increases the chances of data loss and bankruptcy. A secure data backup and reliable data recovery system is essential to prevent any unfortunate events of data loss or theft for remote teams as it can halt business operations.

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Unified Communications

The pandemic has not only affected physical interaction between employees but also between businesses and customers. As businesses are transitioning to e-commerce, companies need to answer any customer queries via a reliable communication line. A VoIP solution enables you to route international calls through the internet and is drastically cost-effective compared to landline phones. Our unified communications are helping employees and customers embrace the new normal in communication and empowering customer service departments to thrive.

Digital Signage

Audio-visual technology is a powerful tool for businesses to deliver time-sensitive information such as COVID-19 policies and company announcements. The vivid screens can display new menus and presentations for the intended audience to gather and relay information. Customers can enter their feedback after service and managers can keep tabs on employee scheduling while staying safe. Digital signage will be a great addition to interactive communication solutions with company stakeholders.

Axis Business Technologies is a reputable technology provider in Colorado Springs with over 40 years of experience in the industry. We’ve served thousands of organizations with the right hardware and software solutions according to their needs. Drop us a message, and our team will gladly be of assistance.

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