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How to Choose the Best Printer for Designers and Photographers

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Color printer printing photograph

Artists such as designers and photographers can greatly benefit from printing their fine work and seeing it come to life on physical paper. They can display their work on a larger footprint and allow the audiences to admire their work. However, with so many printers on the market, it may be difficult for you to pick the right one. The blog will explain the features you should look for when choosing the right printer.

Type of Printer

There are two main types of printers: laser printer and inkjet printer. Laser printers are commonly used in office settings for text document printing as they work best for monochromatic prints, while color laser printers produce multi-color prints. However, inkjet printers are considered ideal for photo and graphic printing. The ColorMax 8 digital color printer combines the latest features in inkjet technology to deliver digital specialty color printing for artists.

Printer Size

The printer size will depend on the size of prints you want to produce. If you’re printing your work for publishing, a small size printer would be enough. Large wall poster prints will require larger printers, and they tend to cost more in terms of the printer itself and ink cartridge costs. The average cost of ink is $50 per ounce or $6,400 per gallon and therefore, you have to assess your budget before making the decision. An 8×10 print is enough for most use cases.


PPI and DPI are the two resolution values that you should know to produce high-quality prints. PPI stands for pixels per inch is the number of pixels in a digital image. DPI stands for dots per inch where tiny ink nozzles in a printer spit out tiny dots of ink onto the paper. The DPI of a printer can significantly affect the image quality of your digital print. 1200 DPI is excellent for most photographers.

Color Output

The main colors of a printer are black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. Some commercial printers and print management software solutions can allow you to add more ink cartridges. The higher the number of ink cartridges in the printer, the more accurate and richer your print colors will be.

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