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5 Ways Businesses Can Reduce Paper Consumption

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Protecting the environment is all the rage these days. In fact, it has been reported that many customers prefer to give their business to companies that dedicate themselves to reducing as much waste as possible.

The average US office worker is said to use as much as 10,000 sheets of paper annually. So how can you reduce the use of paper in your offices while also attracting environmentally conscious customers? Read on to find out:

1.      Go Digital

The digital revolution has already been advanced by years due to the pandemic, and it is time to take advantage of that in improving the environment. There are several things you can do to ensure less paper usage, including:

  • Encouraging employees to use as little paper as possible and substituting it with email and digital notes.
  • Provide mobile devices such as tablets to those departments that use office printers more often.
  • Keep digital records of files that have been printed and stored in cabinets and limit physical storage to the most important documents only. This will also save physical space.
  • Experiment with technology such as dual monitors to prevent employees from printing documents.

2.      Use More Modern Printers and Copiers

There are multiple benefits of switching to newer technology. Older devices may be faulty and could be wasting paper. They could also be using too much toner or consuming too much electricity.

By purchasing newer multifunction copier machines that have been built with more modern practices, you’ll not only be saving paper but also printing and repair costs.

3.      Print On Both Sides

People often print on one side of a paper using a business laser printer and then throw it away when the work is done. We’ve all seen thousand-page reports that only print on one side of the page, leaving the other side empty.

Encourage your employees to print on both sides whenever possible, as it could, in theory, cut your paper usage in half.

4.      Recycle Used Paper

Paper that has been used once shouldn’t be sent to a recycling company immediately. You can re-use it in several ways. Give your employees incentives to come up with great recycling ideas.

For example, a paper envelope can store other documents once its original contents have been used. You can use older shredded paper for party decorations around the office.

5.      Limited Access

If you’ve noticed your employees abusing the freely available printer, then use special software to reduce access. Software like PaperCut can enable you to allow only certain employees to use the printer using a card swipe.

You can also use the software to authorize an employee to print a limited number of copies, with further access not being allowed. Using print management software, you can control the way printers are utilized and ensure maximum efficiency.

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