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How to Protect Your Business From Data Loss: A Guide

A laptop screen showing a malicious file detected

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Your business data has all kinds of vulnerabilities. You can lose data in case of a disaster, as a result of drive failure, or even from a malicious attack directed at your company. This can seriously damage your business and harm productivity.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a data scientist to protect your data. If you know the risks, some simple measures are enough to ensure the continuity of your business.

Let’s first look at some of the ways you can lose data before we move to the solution.

Common Ways You Can Lose Data

1. Viruses and Malware

Viruses and malware from the internet can crawl around your system, causing all sorts of damage. These malicious pieces of software take up both memory and storage, slowing your system down and leaving less space for data. Viruses also replicate themselves in your drive, taking up more space, leaving less space for data, and sometimes even overwriting your data.

2. Accidental Deletion/Overwriting

Even if your drives are disconnected from the web and your data cannot be accessed by anyone from outside your building, it’s still not safe. Every day, tens of your employees access the same data on your drive. If two of them attempt to write (add data) at the same sector in the drive, it can mess things up. People can also accidentally erase data. A business should expect such human errors; failure to prepare is preparing to fail.

3. OS and Software Malfunction

Operating system malfunctions aren’t unheard of in business. Like personal computers, OS and software errors are inevitable in business systems. These can be caused by power outages, viruses, malware, etc. The software can also fail if someone accidentally deletes system files. This often results in partial or total data loss.

An uncovered hard drive

4. Physical Damages

Some programs in the market can recover data (although not perfectly) even after it’s been deleted or overwritten. However, if your drives get damaged physically, the data is lost forever, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Hard drives and solid-state drives are vulnerable to physical damage that can harm other electronics.

5. Hackers

If your business has sensitive, valuable data, you’re at a high risk of a security breach. Even some of the biggest companies such as Yahoo, Alibaba, Facebook, and Linked-in have been a target of data theft in the past. If your data is not that confidential but is valuable to you, you’re vulnerable to another popular attack called ransomware. Hackers get into your system, encrypt your data, and threaten to destroy the private key unless you pay the ransom.

The Solution

The best solution for small businesses to all these problems is getting a cloud-based business continuity system. Business continuity and disaster recovery systems store your data in the cloud, protected from malicious attacks or physical damage. These systems also have data backup features that allow you to access data even if it gets accidentally deleted.

Axis Business Technologies can help you install a business continuity and disaster recovery system for your business. We partner with Datto, one of the US’s largest cybersecurity and data backup companies, and bring their services to small businesses. We also offer other advanced services for small businesses such as print management software solutions, digital color copier, business laser printers and data backup Colorado Springs.

Want to secure your data against all possible threats? Get in touch now!

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