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New vs. Pre-Owned Printers – Which One is Better?

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As a small business, you should prepare the most important office supplies. Even if your business model is paperless, your consumer market may still rely on printed ads for engagement. Besides, you need a printer for everyday office chores. Documents such as business reports, policies, client details, and newsletters need proper documentation.

Why a Pre-Owned Printer?

Cost-effectiveness is the primary reason for investing in a pre-owned printer. Where a new HP printer would cost you around $500, a pre-owned HP printer would cost you around $300. Startups already have a tight budget for investment. A pre-owned printer would be a smart choice for small and medium-scaled businesses. At Axis Business Technologies, we understand SMEs have a limited budget. We offer pre-owned Kyocera and Konica Minolta color printers in Southern Colorado. Our commercial printers are also available on a rent-basis.

Faster Installation and Delivery Time

Pre-owned printers are more easily available than new printers. It does take some delivery time to get hold of a new printer. Call your vendor and inquire about the delivery time for both printers. We wouldn’t recommend you start business operations without a dependable printer. The installation of pre-owned printers doesn’t take much time. A used machine goes faster through the testing and initializing process.

Pre-Owned Printers for Home-Based Businesses

A pre-owned inkjet printer will be a great option if your business requires 20 to 60 pages per minute. When considering a multifunction printer for your business, choose a product that suits your business type. For a small advertising business, opt for commercial color printers for high-quality images. The pre-owned printers we have are in great condition and offer remarkable print quality.

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New Printers for Long-term Use

While buying new printers may be costly, vendors still insist you purchase your printers. A new printer will last longer than pre-owned printers. This heavily depends on the business operation. If the business is prioritizing expansion, it will need new equipment for printing. Small businesses can do well initially with pre-owned printers.

Tax Benefits on Office Supplies

Tax exemptions on office supplies make office printers a bit more affordable. Under section 179, leased and purchased office equipment are tax exempt. Calculate if the tax exemption makes a difference.

Low Maintenance Cost

A new printer comes with unused parts. The new device will take less maintenance compared to pre-owned equipment available at lower costs.

Our Verdict

Both pre-owned and new printers have their pros and cons. Print management doesn’t have to be too hassle for SMEs. If a new printer is out of your budget, don’t spend excessively on it. Opt for pre-owned printers with updated equipment and features.

We have certified pre-owned printers in Southern Colorado. Our business is especially targeted to help SMEs choose the right tech products for their businesses. We deal in new and pre-owned digital copy machines, laser color printers, pre owned color copiers, and other tech products. For more information, call us at 719-630-8600

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