3 Ways Your Business Can Save the Planet

Employees working in an office with LED lighting

In the past century, the industrial revolution led to high carbon emissions and environmental degradation. The adoption of green technology can dramatically transform your business operations, enabling you to reduce a considerable impact on the environment. Here are three technology solutions that can help reduce your business’s carbon footprint and make the world a better place.

LED Lighting

It’s been over a hundred years since Thomas Edison invented the incandescent electric light bulb, known to be incredibly energy inefficient. Pioneers in lighting technology are developing new electric lighting solutions that are more efficient than their traditional counterparts. LED lighting is considered the gold standard of sustainable lighting solutions due to its longevity and energy-efficiency benefits. LED light bulbs last 25 times longer than incandescent light bulbs and require a lower wattage. According to the US Department of Energy, the adoption of LED lighting for 20 years can save over $250 billion in energy savings and 40 new power plants from being constructed. This is to show how sustainable LED lighting is for businesses.

Print Management Software Solutions

Printing and documentation have always been an essential part of businesses. From project management briefs to financial reports, businesses need access to a commercial printer to print essential documentation. However, old-fashioned printers consume a high amount of energy, and their print quality is below average, resulting in high paper waste. An industry-standard commercial printer and print management software solution can help your business reduce energy consumption and paper waste. Our print management software solution includes high-end features such as mobile-printing, remote print, cost reports and access-only printing

Man using industry standard commercial printer

Cloud Computing

Cloud-based technology is touted as a viable sustainable solution in the corporate world. Did you know that around a billion trees’ worth of paper is disposed of every year in the United States? A document management system on the cloud can help your staff eliminate paper use, allowing your business to reduce paper waste and mass deforestation significantly.

Furthermore, cloud computing has a wide array of time-saving and cost-saving benefits for businesses to help save the planet. Cloud collaboration providers help business staff connect remotely from different locations. This means that employees can reduce their carbon emissions when working from home via cloud-based technologies. According to the EPA, an average passenger vehicle emits over 4 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. Working from home for just a day per week can dramatically reduce carbon emissions in the long run.

Axis Business Technologies is one of the leading commercial hardware and software providers in Colorado Springs. Our team strongly believes that businesses can collectively make a significant difference with sustainable technological solutions. We have been in business since 1978 and have assisted over a thousand organizations with superior business technology solutions. If you want to switch to sustainable office solutions, drop us a message, and our team will gladly be of assistance.

Why Data Security Is Critical for Business Success

Graphs representing critical business data.

Irrespective of the company size, data breaches can wreak havoc on your company’s financial health, operations, and reputation. Every business needs to invest in data security to keep their databases, computers, and websites safe from unauthorized access or data loss and to avoid workflow disruption.

Here’s why it’s a necessity:

Data is a business asset.

Your business assets aren’t confined to tangible equipment, property, and stationery. Most of your competitive advantage lies in the financial plan, business plan, and information related to your goods and services. Just like you keep your physical assets safeguarded high-security in vaults, the information deserves to be treated similarly. Businesses use this type of information to mitigate risk, optimize revenue generation, and improve business processes. Your business information also differentiates your position in the market from that of your next best competitor. It’s the secret ingredient to your success recipe. If it falls into the wrong hands, the competitors can take advantage and harm your profitability.

Crucial business data displayed on a computer screen.

Avoids unnecessary expenses

A business’s financial information is essential for auditory and other regulatory compliance requirements. You need exact financial figures for accurate reporting and establish yourself as a credible industry player. Losing out on this information will expose your business to a lot of vulnerabilities. The cost of this isn’t just monetary. You’ll also lose out on a lot of future opportunities. It adversely impacts your company’s credibility, reliability, and market reputation.

When consumers are using their credit card at your checkout option, they’re trusting you with their financial information. As a serious business, you would not want to abuse your customer’s private information on purpose. However, even an unintentional leak will make them never want to shop with you again.

Ensures data integrity

The term data integrity refers to the accuracy, credibility, and accuracy. Access to accurate data helps you make wiser, better, informed and sustainable decisions. Or instance, accurate financial information will result in better budgeting, feasibility planning, and execution. You can improve data integrity by centralizing data storage, backing up data on time, upgrading the servers, and storage consolidation. Axis Business Technologies helps you take your business data safety a notch up via a holistic suite of software and holistic services. Take a look at the details of our data security services if you’re based in Colorado Springs.

How Do You Know Your Business Needs A New Server?

A computer data code

As businesses grow, their hardware and software needs also change. With scaling up, there is a greater need to streamline business operations, facilitate collaboration, and ensure data security. A dependable server can help you check all the boxes efficiently.

Here’s when you need to upgrade your business to a new server:

Your business is growing.

When businesses start, they usually rely on two to three employees. At this stage, managing the computers, IT networks, and data is relatively simple. All it takes to protect the software updates is a simple antivirus installation. Similarly, if you need to pass on some information, just get a USB and share it forward. Even your presentations comprise a few files. However, when the same business expands to nine or ten employees, the same tasks become extra challenging and time-consuming. Once you’ve set the new server on automated updates, there isn’t much you need to do. It’ll automatically manage a large fleet of computers and push software updated on each of them, as and when they happen.

Physical data archives.

You need faster access to data.

If your business relies on a lot of video and audio data and you feel like the processes are slowing down, you might need a new server. Video files are a very data-consuming digital asset, primarily if they’ve been shot in 4K. If your server is slowing down, it clearly means it’s unable to handle big files. A new dedicated server can be upgraded with your required specifications to facilitate faster data transfer between the server and your laptops/desktops.

You don’t have a backup plan.

Most small businesses don’t really have a dedicated backup plan. This isn’t a great habit. Not backing up your data routinely will put you at risk of losing valuable data. If you lose the data, your staff needs to sit idle while you make attempts to recover the machine. There is an additional opportunity cost associated with this lag. Even if you’ve instructed your staff on how to back up to the cloud using a hard drive, they might not be able to do so quickly. With a dedicated server, all the updates take place automatically, giving you extra peace of mind. It also reduces the costs associated with out-of-commission machine backup.

Axis Business Technologies has the answers to all of your data backup-related woes. Get in touch for smart software and hardware solutions if you’re based in Colorado Springs.

5 Effective Ways to Switch to a Paperless Workplace

A worried woman looks at folders in an office

For decades, filing cabinets containing hundreds of folders filled with documents have been a pretty standard sight in offices everywhere. However, things have changed considerably from the time when paper was the only option. Now, more and more companies are embracing the convenience of going paperless.

They’re realizing that what’s good for the environment is good for them too.

Going digital offers many benefits, the biggest one being that digital documents are easier to store, organize and search through. Here are a few ways you can move your workplace to a totally paperless one:

1. Make it a Part of Your Company Culture

To start the transition, you’ll first need to build consensus among your employees. Unless their managers and leaders take the initiative, many people don’t actually ditch paper in their professional work, even if they want to.

Educate your employees about the productivity and time-saving benefits of switching to digital documentation and discuss any doubts that they may have. This way, they’ll feel involved in the decision and are more likely to support the move.

2. Remember to Start Small

Change doesn’t come overnight, so it’s important to manage expectations, both yours and your employees’. First, develop a timeline in which your company can be reasonably expected to complete the process of going paperless. Then, put the change into effect by starting with one thing, such as switching to digital invoices instead of paper ones.

3. Get into the Scanning Habit

This phase will take some time, but it’s worth it. While you’re taking small steps to a paper-free office, your company will still be receiving documents from outside as well as sharing various files internally. It’s the right time to get your company into the habit of scanning every document and filing it away digitally.

You might even want to incentivize the scanning process by offering a bonus or other rewards to the person who finishes scanning all of their documents in a month.

4. Encourage Electronic Note-Taking and Signing
Reduce the number of inter-office documents making their way around the building in the shape of minutes, notes and memos. Recommend that all your employees switch to note-taking on smartphones or tablets. They can then transfer these notes to their work computers. Obviously, the security and confidentiality of internal communication will need to be given the utmost importance. Signatures can also be easily done electronically, as there is software available to let you place your digital signature via finger or stylus, or insert it as an image.

5. Implement a Document Management System That Works for You:

As you work towards achieving a paperless workplace, there will inevitably come a time when the convenient digital documents will be too numerous to handle. Don’t wait until that moment to deal with the inevitable.

Invest in a comprehensive document management solution which can handle your documentation and is suitable for your organization’s needs, and do it in the early stages of your company’s paperless journey.

A group of colleagues high-fiving in an office

As your local community business technology leader in Colorado Springs, document management and data backup are just two of the many high-quality business solutions that we’re providing to various industries. Our digital signage, data recovery and print management software solutions in Colorado Springs are also relied upon by many companies.

Get in touch today and let us help you embrace the paperless revolution!

Here’s Why Investing in a Digital Menu is One of the Best Decisions for a Restauranter

A digital menu board

Technology has changed every industry for the better. It’s also had an impact on restaurants, as paper menus and chalkboards are quickly turning into relics. Your ‘specials of the day’ sign in chalk right outside your door might make a few people stop and take selfies for Instagram, but it’s unlikely to get a lot of them to actually walk in.

If you’re still on the fence about switching completely to a digital menu, here are some benefits that will help you make up your mind:

1. Save Time & Money

Thanks to their incredible flexibility and customization options, keeping a digital menu board updated as your restaurant evolves is easy. You can add or reduce items, display prices, and introduce new special items or discounts in minutes.

No more spending money on ordering a new batch of menus and waiting for them to be printed and delivered to you.

2. Easier Communication

Digital menu boards allow restaurant owners to share more information about their menu items, such as calories, nutritional values, and allergens. Such information sharing is required by law in many states.

Adding all these details to a paper menu can quickly make it resemble a book, whereas your customers can read the same details more conveniently on a large, well-lit screen.

3. All About the Visuals

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video or animation just might be worth five. Switching to a digital menu means you can forget about dull, still photographs of your food on paper, and bring in vibrant, bright videos & animations that will quickly catch your customers’ eyes and pique their interest.

Digital menu boards help you capitalize on science which says that looking at imagery of delicious food triggers reward and pleasure centers in the brain.

4. Make Waiting Easier

Once they’re inside the restaurant, people often tend to think of anything other than eating their food as waiting. The signage you use for digital menus in your restaurant can double as entertainment and help manage perceived wait times before they become an issue.

A part of the screen can be programmed to display content that keeps your customers engaged as they wait.

A happy diner with her order

Keeping companies abreast with the solutions they need to thrive, we are your local community business technology leader in Colorado Springs. Digital signage can be overwhelming, but we help you find the right equipment for your needs. We also provide a wide range of data backup, data recovery & commercial copier solutions that Colorado Springs businesses know they can rely on.

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How Can Your Small Business Benefit from a VoIP System?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to have a sprawling enterprise to reap the benefits that a VoIP system has to offer. The internet has made so many things so much easier, so it makes sense to harness its power for telephony too.

Here’s how a VoIP system brings value to your small business:

1. Increased Savings

A traditional calling system uses landlines and analog phones, and even though it’s an old-fashioned technology at this point, it is still expensive to install. Compared to this, a VoIP system, even with all its benefits, is far less costly to set up and use.

As a small business owner, why wouldn’t you want to save money where you can?

2. Unmatched Practicality

A VoIP system enables you to stay in contact with your employees and clients from wherever you might be in the world. As long as you’re able to access the internet, you’ll be able to log in to your VoIP phone and make calls.

What’s more, these calls will probably cost you less than international roaming for your cell phone.

3. Better Quality Control

The high functionality of VoIP ties with its low cost as the best thing about it. VoIP technology converts voice into packets of digital data, which allows them to be transmitted over the internet. These packets can easily be stored for later review.

If your business adheres to strict standards of quality, a VoIP system helps you enforce them.

4. Great Multifunctionality

A VoIP system also makes videoconferencing a breeze. When voice calls just won’t cut it, you can set up a video conference to discuss work-related issues easily with customers or colleagues.

Even when you’re in another country for business, you’ll still be able to participate in important meetings back home without hassle.

5. Enhanced Customer Support

VoIP helps you take better care of your customers. You can set up answers for their most common queries and program them into the system, so even when no one’s in the office, your customers will still be able to get help from you. Additionally, everything from important business announcements to information about upcoming sales or discounts can also be programmed this way, turning your VoIP system into a help desk and an effective marketing tool.

For over 40 years, our job has been to make your job easier. Our print management software solutions, commercial color printers, data backup and document management in Colorado Springs have helped us become a trustworthy technology partner for countless companies.

Contact us today to discover how our personalized VoIP solutions can elevate your business.

Here’s Why Digital Transformation Is Essential for Businesses In 2021

A businessman working on digital business processes.

Everyday business processes are improvising and investing in smart solutions to gain a competitive advantage in their respective industries. This includes thinking ahead of the changes, keeping up with the trends, and realizing big data’s importance.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation or DX refers to adopting technology to differentiate how you conduct business to drive growth. It may include investing in new technology or realigning old ones to drive more value for your customers and employees. DX also helps your business compete in the globally changing digital economy.

Digital transformation is different from digitization and digitalization. While the latter two options help you convert your information from analog to digital, DX completely changes how you do your business. It requires you to revisit everything that your business does—including customer interactions and internal systems.

A businessperson working on Google Analytics.

The pandemic has changed business operations.

We would soon be entering a post-COVID world. The year 2020 taught us that most aspects of our everyday lives could smoothly go online. Other than grocery shopping, school, work, gym classes, family networking, and dentist appointments also went online. Businesses that invested in digital solutions on time managed to stay afloat, while the rest lost out.

According to a McKinsey’s study, the pandemic largely accelerated digitization of supply chains by three to four years. Technology emerged as a tremendous strategic component for any business. This quantum leap took place on both organizational and industrial levels. Around 80% of businesses are now interacting with their customers through digital channels to stay relevant. This has also changed consumer expectations and needs. Most of these changes are in it for the long haul.

A lesson in digital

If you want to draw some inspiration from a success story in the world of digital, look no further than the company that killed retail: Amazon. A decade ago, brick and mortar ruled retail, and no one thought anything could threaten its bright future. At that time, Amazon was only a bookstore that sold a modest number of books every year. Fast forward to 2020, its total worth exceeds most US brick and mortar stores combined. At a time when most retail stores lost their revenue, Amazon sales were booming. This happened because the brick and mortar failed to see the warning signs coming their way.

A paper-based office is both redundant and inefficient. Eliminate the hassle by investing in digital document management processes with Axis Business Technologies.

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Key Advantages of VoIP for Managing Remote Teams

A remote worker taking notes on a video call with a colleague.

In the United States, the work landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years. Companies are shifting toward a remote workforce to improve their bottom line.

While the COVID-19 has contributed to this trend, around 4.7 million Americans were working remotely before the pandemic, which shows it’s more to it than it looks on the surface.

Let’s cut to the chase, remote working is here to stay, and it’s important more than ever to adapt to the changing dynamics to maximize off-site productivity.

Using a VoIP system is one of the best ways to facilitate and manage remote teams. Here are some key advantages that VoIP solutions bring to the table that you should know:

Portability and scalability

This VoIP technology frees your business from the constraints it operated under previously, including requiring a physical phone to make or receive calls.

VoIP services are not tied to a physical address and give users the freedom to use the same number on the go, which can benefit remote teams.

Whether your employees are working in their home, nearby coffee shop, or a different city, you can conduct business communications using their virtual number without any trouble. Moreover, if you plan to scale up your business operations and hire remote employees, you can give them instant access without having to purchase dedicated hardware.

A remote worker working on a laptop in the kitchen at home.

Accessibility and clearer voice quality

Accessibility is among the top advantages of VoIP for businesses managing remote teams. Your employees can work on their mobile devices from anywhere via VoIP solutions.

All they need is an internet-enabled device and decent data connection to make and receive calls. VoIP systems also allow sending voice mails to unavailable team members.

There’s no extra hardware or complex configuration required, allowing new remote employees to remain connected with the team, regardless of their location.

Moreover, VoIP calls are crisp and clear with minimal disruptions as long as users are connected to a stable internet connection, resulting in better sound quality.

Save money

The costs to maintain effective communicating channels are crucial for every company. VoIP also shines in this area and provides significant cost savings in the long run. 

VoIP connection tends to be cheaper than a landline phone system and doesn’t require additional hardware, which results in substantial savings.

Furthermore, the calls are carried out using the internet. It means remote workers can make unlimited calls, and you don’t have to worry about the phone bill.

VoIP systems come with several advanced features like auto-attendant, instant video calling, conference calling, and more, improving your remote workforce’s productivity.

At Axis Business Technologies, we believe that technology can be utilized to optimize your communication in many ways, and a robust VoIP solution is one of them.

We will help you create a personalized VoIP solution to optimize your communication, which will help your business in Colorado Springs to manage remote teams.

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3 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Business Document Management

An image of folders containing business documents sitting on shelves.

Document management plays a crucial role in maintaining effective control over sensitive business information. It can largely influence business efficiency and overall profitability.

Modern businesses deal with a large influx of data, and managing it can be an overwhelming and time-consuming activity if left in untrained professionals’ hands.

Therefore, we highly recommend hiring professional help to address several business data priorities. Here are three benefits of outsourcing your business document management:


Every organization must comply with government regulations and privacy laws to ensure data confidentiality and security. However, it’s easier said than done. 

Keeping up with the latest developments and new guidelines surrounding personal information can be challenging and overwhelming.

Having a trusted service provider that takes care of your business document management alleviates the risks and ensure compliance with the current laws and regulations. The sensitive data can be accessed and stored securely with defined user access. This way, your business information remains safe and available on-demand.

An image of two professionals analyzing a business document.

Greater Control

Managing a large volume of information internally can be overwhelmingly difficult and make information retrieval a daunting task.  

Using the help of a reliable service provider, you can organize and simplify the data retrieval process by streamlining your business document management.

Maintaining a functional and secured data storage environment provides you greater control over the files and takes the guesswork out of the equation.

Consequently, authorized users can locate and track files immediately, leading to higher productivity and improved business processes.

Maximize Productivity

Poor document management can lead to a loss of productivity. It wastes valuable business time in searching for a relevant document, making records, and shredding papers.

Searches for business information qualify among the top time-consuming activities that affect business operations efficiency. Business document management can solve this problem.

Hire services of a to outsource company that provide on-demand access to business documents and takes care of storing, scanning, and protecting data.

It’ll allow employees to focus on their core job responsibilities and spend their time more efficiently, which will improve your company’s bottom line.

At Axis Business Technologies, we understand the ever-growing business document management requirements of modern businesses in Colorado Springs.

We offer specialized business document management solutions to help you streamline your business processes.

Our top-of-the-line software, including DocRecord, AutoStore, and GlobalSearch, will help design a simplified workflow for employees.

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