A Complete Guide to Maximizing Efficiency with Business IT Solutions

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Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and empowering many businesses to prosper. Your business can leverage technological solutions to optimize its efficiency and stay ahead of the competition. The blog will discuss business IT solutions that can significantly help your business.

Industry-Standard Commercial Printer and Print Management Software Solution

An average office employee is estimated to print 10,000 pages annually for essential business processes. Furthermore, half of help desk calls are related to print work which distracts IT staff from other tasks. Organizations have a load of print work of financial, legal and operational records and the right printing solutions can streamline the entire process, delivering time and cost-saving benefits. Industry-standard commercial printers reduce IT downtime and increase staff productivity. Print management software solutions provide innovative features like mobile printing, access-only printing, printing history, remote print, user alerts, cost reports, encrypted printing and more. The synergy of the two printing solutions can help maximize your business efficiency.

Efficient Computers and Network Solutions

Businesses operating in the digital era need to ensure that their workstations can meet the high demands of computing power for online operations. In a survey by ZenBusiness, over 80% of participants said that computers were the most outdated technology in their workplace. Inefficient computers lead to a decrease in staff productivity and speed of operations. We can help you set up efficient computers and network solutions, allowing you to optimize the processing power and maximize efficiency.

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Cloud-Based Document Management

It’s reported that 60% of workloads are running on the cloud and are bound to increase every year. Cloud-based document management offers many benefits to businesses to store and share their data with team members with internet access. The solution helps eliminate the need for paper files to keep track of projects and allows digital files to take their place. Our expert team can also set up a SaaS infrastructure to allow your staff to back up, access, share and collaborate on work projects from any location.

Axis Business Technologies is a technology solutions provider based in Colorado Springs and has been in the industry for over 40 years. We work with reputable companies like Microsoft, Google, HP, Dell, Datto, Cisco, Xerox and many more to help businesses maximize their efficiency. Contact us now for any inquiries you may have and our team will be of assistance.

How to Foolproof Your Business Against Cyberattacks

In 2020, businesses didn’t just suffer from the COVID-19 pandemic but also experienced a rise in cyberattacks. Cybercrime is the fastest growing crime in the US, and damages are projected to reach $6 trillion by 2021. Many businesses are closing down due to severe cases of cyberattacks and data loss. Companies need to protect themselves from the imminent threat of cyberattacks; here’s how:

Upgrade Your Software Systems

Outdated software systems pose a high risk of cyberattacks due to the lack of up-to-date security features. Cyber hackers spend enough time understanding the ins and outs of old software to pass through security gaps and gain unauthorized access. According to research, when cybersecurity experts tested the decade-old operating system of the NHS for any security vulnerabilities, they were able to gain access to patient images, indicating that organizations must upgrade their systems to prevent cyberattacks. We work with reputable software providers such as Microsoft and Google to ensure that your software is up-to-date.

Have a Secure Data Backup And Recovery System In Place

A secure data backup system is essential for file and document management for businesses. An encrypted data backup system ensures that your business’s valuable information is well hidden from prying eyes. Furthermore, a data recovery system ensures that your business continues operations after a cyberattack incident. It’s reported that 60% of businesses shut down after data loss as they lose valuable information about their operations. Our data recovery solutions allow businesses to recover their data and remain operational in the event of a cyberattack.

Build A Robust Internal Firewall

Anti-virus and anti-malware software plays a huge role in detecting and isolating viruses and malware that strike the business’s IT system. While that’s helpful to keep risks of cyberattacks at bay, an internal firewall ensures that the whole system is protected from external intrusion by cyber hackers. The purpose of a firewall is to stop any threat from spreading across the network and system. Our expert team can determine your security needs and set up a robust firewall to monitor and block any security threats, giving you peace of mind.

Axis Business Technologies is one of the leading technology providers in Colorado Springs. We’ve been in business since 1978 and have supported over 1000 organizations with technology solutions. Check out our range of software solutions for your business.

3 Tech-Savvy Ways to Upgrade Your Office

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In today’s competitive business environment, businesses must remain on top of their game to survive and remain ahead of the curve. Upgrading your company’s technology streamlines business processes and put it in a more competitive position. Moreover, it can also bring cost benefits and boost productivity levels, allowing you to scale operations and grow your business. Here are three tech-savvy ways to upgrade your office:

Leverage Advanced Digital Signage Solutions

The applications of digital signage go beyond traditional advertising and marketing. Modern companies utilized these screens to drive engagement and extend the reach of employee communication. Digital signages can be used at different locations inside the company, for instance, in the meeting rooms to show business KPI dashboards and relevant content or factory floors to improve safety awareness with data visualizations.

Modern laptop and mobile devices on a table.

Modern Laptops And Mobile Devices

Replace old desktops with modern devices to create an agile work environment. Laptops and mobile devices allow employees to work on the go and collaborate with different teams. You must invest in robust servers and routers to ensure seamless connectivity throughout the organization. You may also buy Office 365 and Google G-suite solutions to optimize workflow and allow employees to remain connected with remote teams.

Improve Data Security

Companies store sensitive business data and confidential information. It’s essential to ensure safe processing and storage. Outdated systems have vulnerabilities that can put data at risk. You can strengthen data security by designing a secure network and implementing data backup and disaster backup to ensure your data remain safe and protected. It will ensure maximum uptime and prevent business disruptions.

Final Word

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to upgrading your office. The great thing about tech-savvy updates is that your investment gives a significant productivity boost in day-to-day activities, allowing you to maximize business efficiency. Partner with a reliable technology service provider to ensure you can make the most out of the tech-savvy updates and make your business more competitive.

If you are looking for a reliable technology partner to upgrade your office in Southern Colorado, we can help! Axis Business Technologies brings you innovative, tech-savvy solutions to help you optimize your business processes and streamline workflow. We offer a wide range of products and services, ranging from computing and network to data security and digital signage solutions, at competitive rates. Call 1.866.390.3956 or visit our website to get started.

5 Benefits of Document Management Systems

Documents management is essential for any company. However, managing sensitive business information is easier said than done. It can be a demanding and time-consuming task that requires a lot of effort and resources. Are you having trouble handling your important business documents? Consider implementing a document management system (DMS). It can offer many benefits to your company. Let’s check them out!

Better Security

Companies must protect sensitive business data and restrict access to authorized personnel. Document management systems can be valuable in this regard as companies can add robust security measures and control access to the document. An advanced DMS also leaves a trail of user details, time of access, and modifications made in documents. It can strengthen data security and significantly reduce the chances of data manipulation or theft.

Quick Access

Finding the right document in the piles of hardcopies can often be a time-consuming process. It’s made easy using a data management system as users can retrieve files with a tap of a button. Employees can spend more time on reading information rather than wasting it on finding the right file. In fact, they can access documents from the online database on the go, maximizing business efficiency and productivity.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

A data backup and disaster recovery plan ensures the protection of company data in case of a human error, a natural disaster, or a theft attempt. In case of a natural calamity or fire incident, a company may lose its hard copy data forever, but when data is stored on cloud servers, it remains protected and can be restored. Therefore, a document management solution with backup and disaster recovery serves as a fail-proof way to protect data.

Regulatory Compliance

Companies are heavily scrutinized these days when it comes to customer data management. Every business must adhere to state and federal data regulatory regulations to avoid costly fines and penalties, and a reliable data management system can help with that. From meeting document retention requirements to ensuring data protection, it can help companies in conformance with compliance requirements.

Save Storage Space

A document management system allows companies to digitize their operations and create a paper-free office completely. Getting rid of all the hard copies means businesses no longer need to maintain a dedicated documentation room with file cabinets and boxes. It can free up valuable floor space that can be repurposed and utilized more effectively. It can reduce the costs associated with storing physical copies offsite for data retention purposes.

If you want to streamline document processing and create a simplified workflow for your business in Southern Colorado, get in touch! Axis Business Technologies brings you an advanced document management solution that will help you maintain your sensitive documents. Choose from top-notch software, including DocRecord, Nuance AutoStore, GlobalSearch, and more. Call 1.866.390.3956 or visit our website to get started.

3 Ways Your Business Can Reduce Printing Costs

A printer and laptop on a wooden table.

Printing expenses are often ignored by companies, which can affect their bottom line. Failing to track these costs is a big mistake that can add unnecessary expense to administrative costs. A penny saved is a penny earned, and paying attention to your printing expense can help your company save a lot (read: thousands) of pennies, resulting in significant savings. Here are some ways your business can reduce printing costs:

Digitize Your Business Operations

Implement a digital file system to minimize printing costs. Reducing your paper footprint will help your company become greener and cut down on the printing costs. Choose a customizable and secure document management software solution for your company to optimize and streamline document processing. Digitizing your business operations will also help maximize productivity as you can access the files you need within seconds.

Use hard copies for important documents only.

Use Print Management Software

Using print management software will make printing faster and reduce the risk of unnecessary printing. Modern software can assess the print volume and maintain user logs. It will allow you to track your cost-per-print to help you manage your printing expense. The software will encourage employees to print only the essential documents and reduce personal prints, resulting in unnecessary printing costs.

Buy Multi-function Printing Device

Investing in a new, multi-function printing device can pay you dividends in the long run. These devices come with advanced capabilities that can help reduce printing costs. For instance, the scan to email function allows you to scan a document and email it directly to the receiver. Furthermore, these printers offer numerous features, like advanced user authentication, data encryption, sleep mode, and more.

Managed Print Services

Partner with a managed print services (MPS) provider to maximize operational efficiency and minimize printing costs. It will help you focus on core business functions as the MPS provider will handle all your printing needs, ranging from the software to hardware and printing supplies. Choose a company that takes a comprehensive approach to MPS to deliver flexible, modular service to meet your specific business needs.

Axis Business Technologies provides commercial color printers and reliable managed print services in Colorado Springs at competitive rates. Our professionals can help determine effective printing solutions for your business. Furthermore, we offer print management software and document management solutions to help streamline business operations. Call 1.866.390.3956 or visit our website to get started.

3 Amazing Uses of Digital Signage

Digital signages on buildings.

Digital signages are used extensively by advertisers and marketers to promote brands and their products and services. However, businesses have realized that these displays have a greater potential and shouldn’t be confined as a promotional tool. Modern companies are using digital signages in many ways to improve profitability, and you shouldn’t miss out on these opportunities. Here are three amazing uses of digital signage that you should know:


Gone are the days when companies placed non-interactive, static maps to help new employees and guests navigate their premises. The advanced digital signage technology allows businesses to digitize wayfinding. The touch-enabled displays allow users to tap and swipe to find a specific location and learn about the quickest route. You can also leverage mobile integration to send the route information to the user’s mobile device.

Improve guest experience

Replacing traditional waiting room televisions with modern digital signage will allow you to show relevant content to your guests. You can display ads for your company’s product or promote your brand message. For instance, a data security firm can run a video about the importance of cybersecurity. It doesn’t lead to direct revenue for the business but help create a positive brand experience

A business waiting area.

Revenue stream

Who said that digital signage must only be used to promote your brand? If you have different branches or outlets with heavy foot traffic, you can use interactive displays to show ads and get paid. You can work out a strategic partnership with companies who want to run ads on your digital signage displays or sell the ad space on-demand. Either way, you can quickly recover your initial investment and start a profitable revenue stream for your business.

Final word

These are some of the amazing uses of digital signages that can help elevate your brand and boost profitability. Get in touch with a professional digital signage solution provider to leverage the full potential of these interactive displays to make your business more competitive.

Are you looking for a reliable digital signage company in Southern Colorado? Contact us today! At Axis Business Technologies, we offer visually engaging & brand-building digital signage technology at competitive rates. You can choose from our advanced LCD and LED screens, projectors, and AV equipment. Call 1.866.390.3956 or visit our website to get started.